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Practical Machinist

Yahoo groups can be a good source but requires registration

Bridgeport_mill hosts Bridgeport manuals.

Gorton Pantograph

This was the initial link to it. 
Check with Gunner on usenet R.C.M for current location.  John Carrol was hosting it but now it is dead, he resides on A.M.C. I have a copy but not enough web bandwith to host it.   If it is okay with Gunner I'll put up a temp link to it on my web space if I get a request.

From MSU

Modern Machine Shop Practice Vol. 1
By Rose, Joshua
New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1887-88

Modern Machine Shop Practice Vol. 2
By Rose, Joshua
New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1887-1888

The Advanced Machinist, a practical and educational treatise, with illustrations.
By Rogers, William
New York: Theo. Audel & Company, 1903


A treatise on milling and milling machines .. (c1916)
Author: Cincinnati Milling Machine Company
Publisher Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati milling machine company
Date c1916

A treatise on the construction and use of milling machines made by Brown & Sharpe mfg. co.,
Providence, R.I., U.S.A.,
manufacturers of machinery and tools (1896)

Practical treatise on gearing
Brown & Sharpe manufacturing co., Providence, R.I

Lathe and planer tools
Cutting tools for planer and lathe, by W. J. Kaup.
--Boring tools, by W. J. Kaup.--
--Forging lathe boring tools, by J. F. Sallows.
--Shape of standard shop tools.
--Cutting speeds and feeds for lathe tools.
--Straight and circular forming tools, by J. M. Stabel and G. D. Hayden