Building one's own saw mill.

During the last few years, uncle and I built a sawmill patterned after the common wood mizer type horizontal band mill.  Definitely a low buck effort but it has done the trick for us. More to come.  The wheels, bearings and shafts I purchased from  Linn Lumber .  With that and an assembly videotape of the saws he sells, we cobbled this together.

The engine is an Onan 9.9 hp vee-twin that uncle got from a guy he worked for.  We got two engines and a few parts that must have lain around in a shed for years.  The engine is doesn't have enough power so we have to take it easy when pushing saw through log.  We are thinking that 15 hp would be a good place to start.  But then again, the engine was free, uncle put rings in it, we removed the gearbox unit and put an oil seal in where the gear reduction unit was mounted and put the engine to use.

The Saw   The Engine   The Shed

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