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  Aways under construction when I get to it

Making your own lumber  Ever see a tree that blew down, had to be removed and wanted to salvage it for woodworking projects?

Ladder Failure  I had a fiberglass ladder fail and took a tumble.  Don't understand why it failed.

Turkey!  Wild Turkeys

Favorite Snapshots  Just stuff that struck my fancy

If you live in near Cadillac, MI and like to shoot check out Cadillac Sportsmans Club.  PPC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Highpower, and more.  600yd range.

My uncle makes and sells teepee tipi tepee poles.  You can have any kind of wood you want as long as it is balsam.

Pictures from the 2007 NAMES Show.   NAMES is the North American Model Engineering Society and their website is here.

Links to manuals and metal working ebooks.  Just started it  8/11/07 so expect it to grow a bit in near future.

My Clausing Lathe Project directory.  I'm working on restoring the Varidrive since it does torque multiplication, something a vfd doesn't.  This link will actually have comments

Email me  Click to see e-mail address graphically depicted.

If you are in the Traverse City, MI Williamsburg MI area and need a good electrician, I heartily recommend my brother John.  He is a state licensed master electrician with an electrical contractor license.  True Electric.

Thor the Wunder Dog RIP 1993 - 6/20/2007

My buddy Thor, loyal to the end.

Thor was rescued from a dog pound after being removed from a household.  He showed some signs of suffering abuse and would stand his ground if he felt theatened.
He was a very loyal buddy to the very end.  I could not have asked for a better companion.  His last 15 months of his life he was taking 42 units of novalin n insulin to keep his diabetes under control.  One out of 400 canines contract diabetes.  If your buddy starts having issues with bladder control, excessive thirst, and general weakness have his sugar checked.  

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